Rewards API; Real-Time Incentives Every Organization Needs

Description:- In this edition of our article, we will discuss all there is to know about the seamless incentive technology that has proven to improve user satisfaction and subsequently, increase customer retention- our Rewards as a service API.


Every user, customer, or client makes a purchase, signs up, or subscribes to a product or service with one expectation; to get value for their money, or time. While a hitch-free experience can leave a user satisfied with a product’s service, it does help to go a step further by providing a happy experience, which is what Bridgecard’s Rewards API is all about. Everyone loves gifts; a discount, coupons, cash-backs,  etc, because they bring an emotion of happiness, and our Rewards API service is a technology that helps to integrate these seemingly little gestures into a user’s experience, in a fast and straightforward manner.

How does the Bridgecard Rewards API work?

Bridgecard’s Rewards API is an interface that, when activated, will allow partner companies to offer rewards and incentives to their users. For example, rewards could be offered based on the amount spent using our virtual cards, or the frequency with which a user utilizes a service weekly, or monthly. 

Bridgecard, using Machine Learning Models automatically presents the users of this service with offers such as Promo-codes, or deals every time they meet the conditions in which the Rewards API has been set such as spending on particular merchants.

What Rewards to Expect?

The Bridgecard Rewards API is launching with 30+ merchants across top global platforms and the rewards are available in multiple types. Some of these rewards are detailed below;

1. Deals: Users can get to enjoy discounts, or win free items when they purchase a certain amount of products from their favorite global merchants, including Aliexpress and Esty, using our Virtual Dollar cards. For example, users can get a free item when they spend up to $5 using the Virtual Cards.

2. Promo codes: Users can access coupons that give them a certain amount of discounts when they shop online. For example, as a FinTech company, a reward could be giving a user a 20% off coupon on their favorite shopping websites when they perform transactions worth $500 in a week.

3. Cash-backs: This is giving back a certain amount or percentage of what users spend. For example, users can get 1% cash-back on their expenses when they shop using their virtual cards every month. While this is not yet available on Bridgecard, it will be released soon as well.

These and many more are examples of rewards that users can earn with the Bridgecard Rewards API when companies integrate our Virtual Dollar Cards into their products and services.

Benefits of Integrating the Bridgecard Rewards API

Investing in our Rewards API has many benefits for your organization and some of them include;

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Getting an extra reward or gift is a proven method of improving the experience of users and customers with your products and services. This also means that users can leave more positive reviews and encourage others to choose your products or services.

2. Improved Customer Retention: A returning customer is a happy customer; when a user is satisfied with their purchase experience, there is a high chance that they will want to experience it again, and maybe bring along others to experience it too.

3. Increased Revenue: Giving rewards that encourage users to spend more, and do more will eventually make your users see you as their preferred payment partner which would in turn increase their transaction volumes and generate revenue for your company.

4. Outstanding Services: Giving valuable rewards helps your company stand out from its competitors, as any company that is invested in the experience of its users will naturally be preferred by customers. 

5. Seamless Reward System: Our Rewards API assigns specific rewards to your users automatically, based on their purchasing habits and relevant platforms. Claiming or using the rewards is very seamless and efficient, and like always, our APIs are super easy to integrate.  


The Bridgecard Rewards as a Service API is set to make the reward system of companies and organizations improve exponentially while providing a quality user experience that makes loyal users and customers, eventually increasing revenue and overall perception of the organization. 

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