Debit Card Security 💳

Oyinkan Ifarajimi

According to a report by Techcrunch, 67% of young people in tech have endured extortion from SARS, this is not taking into account Nigerians outside the tech space.

This has made many young people resort to safety options like deleting their bank applications or erasing debit history. Some people even avoid going out in general due to the fear of being stopped or extorted- which is understandable, no one wants to lose their hard-earned money because of the lack of integrity from other people.

The issue of money security transcends these officials, it extends to the possibility of thieves stopping individuals on the road and forcing them to open their banking app in order to withdraw all their money, or a person misplacing a debit card and having it picked up and used by another,to online hackers siphoning the details of a card and taking out the money in it. These are situations that nobody likes to be in and Bridgecard is revolutionizing this for the better by helping you keep your money safe.

How Bridgecard is Revolutionizing Money Security through Debit Cards 🔐.

The one thing that Bridgecard currently solves in terms of debit card security is this - Unauthorised access to your card does not have to mean you lose all your money, neither does losing your card have to mean losing your money.

Here are the different ways Bridgecard solves debit card and online banking fraud-


Bridgecard has a picture security feature on the mobile app that functions as a trigger for us to know you are in distress or about to be extorted.

Here is how it works-

After signing up on Bridgecard you will be asked to select a picture for your picture security.
Let’s assume you select the image below:

Bridgecard picture security

You will be asked to pick a spot on the picture that authorizes all your transactions on the mobile app, so whenever you touch this spot we will show your real balance and not limit your transactions. For example, you can touch the white pillow in the picture above.

Bridgecard picture security (Authorised)

You will also be asked to pick a spot on the picture that temporarily locks your bank account and limits you from performing any transaction until you send us an instruction to unlock it. This spot is useful when you are about to be extorted.

Bridgecard picture security (Emergency)

And finally, if you touch any other part of this picture we will show a fake balance, lesser than your original balance and also limit your transactions to the fake balance. This is useful when you want to show your friend that keeps asking for urgent 2k that you are broke.

Bridgecard picture security (Unauthorized)


Another way Bridgecard revolutionizes money security through debit cards is by a flexible cash mounting system. What this means is that users of Bridgecard can have an empty card, while their bank account is filled with millions. This helps users to be more confident to go out with their cards without fear that all their money could be siphoned. Asides from security, this feature also serves the purpose of managing money, restricting spending, and also dedicated spending.


One beautiful thing about Bridgecard’s security is that it is merely an extra layer of protection in addition to all the security measures that banks have in place. This means that any financial loss that can not happen with the bank, can not happen with Bridgecard, and if the bank gets breached, Bridgecard’s extra security provides better options to prevent money loss. Also, your money remains with your bank and not Bridgecard. Bridgecard only has access to the money mounted on your debit card, which can be topped up, or removed at any point.


No one has access to your personal information, financial details, or security details, not even Bridgecard staff.
Hackers who try to exploit these details would have to pass through the needle's eye before getting access to your money.

We hope to come up with many more ways to provide more money security for you, and we are certain that as we grow, we would find more solutions. There are much more benefits to Bridgecard as you would see on our website, but primarily, we give you one card to manage and access all your bank cards, fintech apps, and bank accounts in the most secure way possible.

We have over 2000 people that have signed up on our waitlist in just 8 weeks, if you’d like to join, please sign up here for early access and insider benefits. Bridgecard is the only debit card you’d ever need.

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